Wills Trusts & Estate Law

Wills and trusts are one of the most important aspects of the legal process in the world today, and any good lawyer in Burnaby will be able to help with every aspect of this topic. This part of Canadian law not only includes wills and trusts, but also encompasses estate planning, creating a living will and how to probate a will. All of these topics can be complicated and require significant legal assistance, so the hiring of an estate lawyer in Burnaby is a definite requirement.

Lawyers in Burnaby are great for those that need to write a will, so as to ensure that their most treasured and valuable possessions go to those that they love and those they feel deserve it. A will is a legally binding document, and thus should be properly supervised by an experienced and knowledgeable estate lawyer, who will ensure that there are no loopholes open or no reason for the will maker to be concerned that their possessions will be passed to the wrong person. As can be seen, attempting to write a will by your self can be fraught with difficulties.

Another area that estate lawyers can assist with is when the family of the deceased need to probate a will. There are often many people included in this document, meaning the dividing of money can often be complex and can – in some circumstances – lead to legal tussles between people believing they are entitled to a share. Whilst people attempt to probate a will, a Burnaby lawyer will be able to assist in any way possible and represent them if needed when they feel they have been short changed on their deserved inheritance. A lawyer in Burnaby will also be able to assist with all the tax related queries regarding a will, even if it is just by recommending a good accountant for the job.

Estate planning is another vital area where a lawyer is needed. Estate planning is essentially ensuring that an estate’s value is maximized by reducing tax paid or by cancelling out other unnecessary expenses. This means that the sale of an estate will yield a much higher amount of money. A Burnaby lawyer will ensure that every person included in the will gets the maximum amount of inheritance each, eliminating any disappointment from smaller than expected payouts.

The final important area that a lawyer in Burnaby can help with is the creation of a living will. These important documents are written so that should someone become too ill to act coherently, their wishes will be followed. This typically means that the person decides when they want to stop receiving medical treatment or placing the power of the decision in the hands of a relative or friend. As this can have huge ramifications if done incorrectly, there must be a qualified lawyer in Burnaby appointed to oversee the process. If not, there is the risk that a person’s wishes are scuppered by the legal system and therefore not carried out.