Transportation Law

Transport law is often a hot topic throughout Canada, with many aggrieved motorists feeling that they have been unfairly treated by authorities over what is perceived to be a minor or non-existent offence. Ranging from speeding tickets to traffic violations to traffic tickets, there are many niches to this specialist field, all of which an experienced transportation law firm will be able to assist with. There are many people in Canada who are paying over the odds and unfairly for these minor indiscretions, so perhaps a transportation lawyer in Burnaby should be their next point of call.

The most common type of transport law that involves the use of a transportation law firm is that of speeding tickets, which must follow a specific set of guidelines when given. With a huge increase in the amount of cameras around Canada – and especially in the British Columbia region – more and more people are falling foul to them and being forced to pay out large amounts of cash. But what exactly is the legal basis of these speeding tickets? Whilst some are fair and just, many others are unfair and only get paid because the person receiving it doesn’t realize there are grounds for appeal. A transportation law firm could well surprise many by telling them that they have a strong legal case to dispute any fine given. For those with outstanding speeding tickets, this option should really be their next port of call.

Another very important issue when it comes to transport law is the case of traffic violations, which can range from jumping a red light to parking illegally. Whilst at first glance these cases may seem clear cut, there are – as with speeding tickets – a multitude of laws that the enforcement agency must follow. If any of these laws are disregarded then the traffic violation could well be void and the traffic ticket discarded. With their expert knowledge, a transportation law firm will be able to immediately spot any holes in the issuing of a fine and represent you when it comes to arguing it. Transportation lawyers can also have the ability to deal with this issue before it goes to court, meaning a far less stressful time for their client.

There are many other transportation law issues that a transportation law firm can help with that are not as common as the two listed above, but just as important and highly regulated. The issue of a truck being secured properly and not overburdened is one, as is the issue of being given a traffic ticket for having an apparently unroadworthy car. In fact, if there is any issue that occurs whilst driving, then a transport lawyer can almost certainly help. Even if the traffic ticket is completely justified, at least the person will have the peace of mind that they are not paying out for nothing!

Transport lawyers in Burnaby are specialists in this area of driving law and will be there to help any concerned citizen. Contacting one today could save you a whole heap of money and keep you on the road!