Tax Law

Tax law is one of the single most complicated areas of the legal structure, requiring a myriad of experience and training to fully understand. Often working with huge amounts of money and against serious charges, tax lawyers in Burnaby have the necessary skills to represent any client in any situation. There are many different situations that a tax lawyer will be needed in – including income tax law and business tax law – and they will be more than happy to do so for a very reasonable fee.

One of the biggest parts of tax law in Canada is that of income tax law. This is payable by every citizen who works and the amount is dependent on how much the individual earns. Most legal problems occur when a citizen is self-employed and therefore has to file their own tax returns, meaning that they have to be incredibly organized with their finances. Whilst an accountant would be the one to help with these tax returns, should there be any concerns regarding an incorrect payment or a disagreement over how much is owed, a tax lawyer will be needed to represent the client. With their expert knowledge in Canadian tax law they will easily be able to advise if the client has a case and how to proceed after that – supporting the client through these next steps until the conclusion of the case.

Another massive part of Canadian tax law is that of business tax law, which is payable by businesses and corporations on profits that they make. Although these payments are usually a relatively small percentage of profit, they can still amount to significant amounts of money. With many ways available to legally reduce the amount of tax paid, a company could well find themselves in a situation whereby their tax contributions are being challenged. In this case it is imperative to consult an experienced and trustworthy tax law firm, who will be able to advise the client on all manners of tax law and hopefully get any case against them dismissed. Burnaby lawyers are especially adept at this, as they are renowned as some of the best tax lawyers in the country.

Tax is also paid on any estate that is passed on to relatives up on the death of a person, and a tax law firm will be needed to pick through the fine details here. Whether too much tax or too little tax is paid, both could end up in a bad situation for those who have had the inheritance. Usually the tax lawyer will be able to easily resolve any issues without the need to attend a court, meaning that the situation is stress free and easy for those who are still grieving for the loss of a loved one.

There are various other tax issues that a tax law firm can help with. In fact, if there are any problems at all with any kind of tax, then a Burnaby lawyer will be there for you, helping every step of the way. There is no need to be frightened about the subject of taxes, as long as you have great legal representation who can advise you whenever it’s needed.