Intellectual Property & Franchising Law

Intellectual property and franchising law is an ever growing aspect of the Canadian legal system, as more and more people look to either invest in a franchise or protect their own unique ideas and creations. With this increase has come a growing amount of lawyers specializing in this field, with a large amount of Burnaby lawyers making up this number.

Intellectual property law basically covers anything to do with what is referred to as “creations of the mind” – which essentially encompasses artistic creations, inventions and designs. It also deals with copyright law, patent law and trademark law. As these are often the subject of illegal infringement, it is essential that anyone feeling they own the rights to a certain subject engages with an intellectual property lawyer, even before they have the need to. This way they can get any procedures and paperwork set up before the situation occurs.

Whilst copyrights and trademarks are legally binding and are registered with specific organizations, there are other parts of intellectual property that are not as clear cut. Those fighting a copyright case will have an easier time than those fighting a case over something that has not been registered. In either case, though, an intellectual property lawyer is essential, as they have the specialist knowledge to advise you on your route and minimize any further stress, disruption and financial loss that may occur. Intellectual property rights are a minefield for the uninitiated, so it is really best to leave the technical work to a trained professional.

Franchising is also a booming industry, as more and more people are buying in to already existing businesses, as well as businesses seeing the opportunity that this type of deal offers them. A franchise lawyer will be able to oversee the whole process and ensure that neither party is taken advantage of or treated unfairly. They will also be able to examine the contract and ensure it is both legally binding and also that it contains the appropriate wording and detail. They will also be able to assist existing franchise owners who have a dispute to settle with the company they have the franchise with, providing expert knowledge in a way that will enhance their client’s claims.

As can be seen, intellectual property and franchise law can both be complex areas that many people do not understand, as they are fraught with loopholes and fine detail. With this in mind, it is good practice to everyone involved in this area to maintain regular contact with an experienced and attentive legal practitioner in this field. If this is neglected, then companies and individuals could find themselves ill prepared for any future action that may occur.

To find a lawyer in either of these specialities the best option is to take a look on line. For those that live in British Columbia, Burnaby lawyers are well respected and all have websites that can be browsed to decide whether they are the right ones for you. A quick call could be all that is needed to begin a working relationship that could save you a lot of stress in the future!