Immigration & Citizenship Law

With the world getting smaller in terms of the ability to travel, immigration and citizenship law is becoming an ever increasing part of today’s society. With Canada being a prosperous country with one of the most desirable lifestyles in the world, there is no shortage of people wanting to come and live in this land. Whilst many are turned away legitimately, there are others that feel they have been treated unfairly and therefore need legal assistance to appeal their case, which is where specialist immigration lawyers come in. Immigration lawyers are well versed in all aspects of Canadian immigration and citizenship, meaning that their expert knowledge and experience in the field can help to swing a case the way of their client. With various factors that need to be considered – including whether the applicant has family in Canada, whether they are skilled in a certain area and their criminal background – an immigration lawyer will be able to assess all of these and see if they can find a hole in the argument not to let someone immigrate in to this country. Another area in which immigration lawyers are essential for is when people are initially applying to enter the country on a permanent basis, whatever country they are from. Every single country has their own immigration laws and procedures, meaning that only Canadian lawyers should be used to assist with the immigration process. After all, you wouldn’t use a foreign lawyer for any other Canadian legal aspect, would you? There are mountains of forms to be completed as well as various interviews and assessments to be completed before immigration status is granted, so an experienced lawyer will help immeasurably, especially when it comes to the fine print – something that hinders many applications. Aside from the actual process of immigration to Canada, there are various other facets that an immigration and citizenship lawyer can help their client with when they arrive. With everything being done slightly differently from country to country, they will be able to advise on the best places to go for different legal services (such as those needed when buying a property) or ways in which clients need to go through to obtain employment. They shouldn’t be thought of as just lawyers, but as a link between your old and new lives! As can be seen, an immigration lawyer can help in all areas when searching for citizenship in this land. However, they can also help Canadian citizens who are looking to settle in a different country too. Whilst these people will need to engage with lawyers abroad as well, there is still a certain amount of paperwork involved in Canada to ensure their move goes smoothly. Those from British Columbia will find lawyers in Burnaby who are excellent in this field and will provide comprehensive help and instructions on this important matter. Moving to or from Canada is a massive decision in a person’s life and one that is fraught with stresses and challenges. By hiring a lawyer who specializes in this field the stress won’t be eliminated, but it will certainly be reduced significantly.