Government Regulatory Law

Government regulatory law is a process designed to control the way business is conducted in Canada, so as to protect both the consumers and the businesses themselves. These regulations can often lead to disputes between government and business owners, making the need for a lawyer specializing in this field imperative. Lawyers in Burnaby are well represented by this type of legal practitioner, and will be able to assist anyone in the area with questions or queries that they might have on the subject.

One of the broadest – and most essential – categories that is dealt with through Government regulatory law is the protection of the market from failure, which is dealt with in many ways. The general purpose of this business law is to always protect the public good, meaning that often business owners are thwarted in their attempts to expand as this is seen as going against what the public will benefit from, especially if this expansion is likely to create a monopoly within the area. Those who have been denied permission through this law can, however, employ a government regulatory lawyer to represent them and to challenge any decision that is made on their behalf.

Government regulatory law can also come in to play if a person is believed to be operating a business that encourages crime or other anti-social behaviour in the area, meaning that the business could be shut. A lawyer specializing in business law will be able to investigate any concerns and respond to the accusations effectively and intelligently, often meaning that the business stays open and doesn’t suffer due to this. As well as existing businesses, businesses that want to start up but have been denied permission can also appeal in this way, paving the way for the creation of a new enterprise.

Aside from the formation and maintenance of a business, government regulation also covers the way in which businesses are run, from areas as diverse as signage to health and safety. Failure to comply with these directives can result in the business owner facing prosecution, often leading to big fines or even closure. Once again, a lawyer in this field can help and often disprove any charges levied against a business owner. Even if the charges aren’t totally dropped, they can often cause the sentence to be significantly reduced, meaning money is still saved through their use.

Although recent years have seen a significant amount of deregulation within the Canadian market, government rulings still impinge on every aspect of the way a business is run. Although these rules are there for no reason other than to protect citizens, sometimes they are wrong or unfairly used. If you feel that you are the victim of an unfair prosecution or a wrong decision from government when it comes to your business, contact a government regulatory lawyer now – it could be the smartest business decision you’ve ever made!

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