Employment & Labour Law

Employment and labour law is one of the most complex and used types of law in Canada. Every person earning money in the country is subject to the various rules and regulations laid down by it. It is both this complexity and common use that has caused a huge rise in lawyers in Burnaby who specialize in this field, with anyone needing to challenge an aspect of this employment law – whether employer or employee – needing to utilize their services in order to navigate through this tangled web of regulations.

One of the most commonly challenged parts of employment and labour law in both British Columbia and Canada as a whole is that of discrimination – essentially the process where someone is overlooked due to certain characteristics or traits – whether this is done maliciously or due to other concerns. This is covered in the Employment Equity Act, which provides rules regarding the employment of four different groups – women, Aboriginal people, visible minorities and people with disabilities. This means that employment can’t be refused on these grounds and if it is there is the chance for the rejected applicant to take legal action. As this law is difficult to comprehend and will require significant work to put a case together, the best option is to hire an employment and labour lawyer to handle the process smoothly.

The Employment and Labour Law has also made it statutory for employers to provide suitable measures so as to avoid employment barriers – that is, conditions that would make it difficult or impossible for a certain type of person to work in their company. A good example of this would be ensuring that all buildings used are wheelchair accessible, so that those with disabilities can work there. Existing employees should also be looked after, meaning that should one find them self in situation where their circumstances change, their various new needs should be catered for. If either an applicant or existing employee is unable to work because appropriate measure have not been taken to remove these barriers, Canadian labour laws mean that they can pursue a court case against the employer. Once again this will require – if in the British Columbia region – an experienced and knowledgeable Burnaby lawyer proficient in British Columbia labour laws.

There are various other different aspects to employment and labour law that should also be adhered to – including the aspects of pay and conditions. Essentially, if anyone has any issues regarding the way in which they are treated in a place of work, they could have a case to pursue. There are many lawyers who can be consulted to find out whether this is possible.

The best way to find a lawyer who meets all of a person’s requirements is to research them online, where all good firms will have their own website. Contacting one could be the first step to a better job with better conditions, or at least to obtaining some kind of compensation for the way you have been treated.