Corporate Finance & Securities Law

Corporate finance law is a massive issue for many companies operating in Canada today, with lawyers in this field providing huge amounts of support and guidance to many companies, whether they are large or small. With a huge variety of different aspects pertaining to this specialist niche, any company thinking of engaging in securities or having dealings with corporate finance should consult a lawyer regularly, as not doing so could lead to significant legal issues and often expensive costs. Lawyers in Burnaby are particularly adept in this field, with a high percentage of them having the experience and knowledge to help any business with legal concerns.

A securities lawyer will provide a business with a whole new approach to the way that it acts, ensuring that all transactions are legal and that they also represent the best possible value for their client. They should be used whenever a company is thinking of offering new debt or equity issuances, making public offerings (whether initial or secondary) or making a multi-jurisdictional offering. With all of the above being highly technical and only understood by an elite few, it is imperative that the correct lawyer is chosen, preferably one with experience in the field as well as a proven track record. Without one there will be all kinds of legal issues that a business will not be able to overcome, leading to delays whilst a lawyer is sought. So the best advice is to employ a securities lawyer from the beginning of the process – it could save a lot of money in the long term!

Corporate finance law also comes in to play when mergers and acquisitions are being discussed, as these lawyers will be able to offer advice on the best routes to take on various situations. Take-over bids, pre-bid securities law issues, defensive tactics and acquisition structures are all in a good corporate finance law firm’s repertoire and they will have a huge amount of experience in this field. Whilst lawyers in this field will only be needed for larger companies, it is good practice for a smaller company with big aspirations to acquaint themselves with a good corporate finance law firm for any future activities.

Other issues that will require a corporate finance law firm include income trusts and reits, structured finance options, structured lending and project finance. A good lawyer in Burnaby will also be able to offer advice to any business on how best to avoid legal action being taken against them, by monitoring issues such as compliance and disclosure. This prevention of litigation will not only save a company money, but will also help to preserve their reputation within the business community – which is very important when doing business with other organizations.

In conclusion, a good corporate finance lawyer is essential for any business that wants to grow whilst also ensuring that their current operations are legal and above board. Without one there is a massive possibility that legal issues may arise that damage both the bank balance and the trust that the company has built up over the years.