Corporate & Business Law

Corporate and business law is one subject that affects every single workplace in Canada, from the smallest of businesses to the largest of multinational corporations. With a huge amount of considerations to be taken in to account, every business should be in regular contact with a lawyer in this field who can guide them through the various facets of the legal minefield this area exhibits.

Commercial and business law is effectively in place to govern the way in which business and commercial transactions are carried out and is often seen as a branch of civil law. The scope of topics covered by this part of the legal system in Canada is massive, with the law covering every single aspect of the way that businesses operate and handle their customers. This huge amount of legislation means that only those who have trained in the field can truly understand and appreciate what is needed to comply with it. Therefore the hiring of a lawyer in this field is essential, no matter the size of the business.

A business law firm can also be hired by members of the public who feel that they have been unfairly treated by a business or corporation. This occurs most commonly when a consumer believes that either the manufacture or sale of goods has not met the requirements laid down by law. If a product is defective or is in some other way incorrectly made, the consumer has certain rights to demand their money back or to gain a replacement product. With larger purchases, such as that of cars, this can mean a refund of thousands of dollars and therefore cause some companies to be reluctant to pay. In this situation a corporate and business lawyer can represent the consumer and in many cases will be able to resolve the problem before it reaches court – saving both precious time and money, as well as a lot of stress.

The practice of commercial and business law also extends to many other areas of law that are often covered by different specialists. This means that lawyers in this field need to be particularly well trained, in order to have the confidence and ability to deal with any problem that is thrown towards them. Areas such as tax law, employment law and civil law are often intertwined with their field, therefore making many cases complex and lengthy. Without a business law firm, a client would get bogged down by the amount of work and knowledge needed, making their case weak and likely to fail.

Those in the Burnaby area of British Columbia are in luck when it comes to corporate law and commercial law, as there are a multitude of experienced and well-regarded business law firms that operate there. Whether it is regarding small business law or the need for a lawyer for massive corporations, they will be able to fulfil any needs required and in the process ensure that both the business and the consumer are represented fairly and affordably.