Commercial Leasing & Real Estate Law

Commercial leasing lawyers and real estate lawyers are essential for anyone wishing to enter in to the world of property, whether they are buying for themselves or purchasing a property as an investment or to lease. The property market has a huge number of legal hurdles to overcome with every single transaction, meaning that those that try to complete the process without legal advice will usually end up getting confused and therefore damaging their deal. Lawyers in Burnaby will be able to provide all the sufficient information needed to deal with every single issue that arises, and anyone in this area should contact one before they enter in to this market – even if they have experience of buying property previously.

Buying property and leasing property are two entirely separate issues, although most good lawyers will be able to give information on both. When it comes to buying real estate there is often vast amounts of money involved, making it imperative that everything goes smoothly and without hitches. A good real estate lawyer will provide all the information needed, from the legal implications of purchasing each property to the exchange of money at the end of the transaction. They will also be able to advise the buyer or seller as to any legal obligations they have in the deal – for example, the correct declaration as to the state of the property and the buyer’s rights to inspect any property they are interested in. Without help from a good real estate lawyer, many buyers can fall in to the trap of paying over the odds for a piece of real estate that has not been represented correctly to them.

A good real estate lawyer will also deal with the important aspects of paperwork and legal forms for their client. Although laborious and often boring, these forms are the legal basis for any transaction and are thus exceedingly important. Any mistakes whilst completing them could lead to the deal falling through or significant loss of money. This is why these forms should be left to a professional who has experience in dealing with them and knows exactly what they are doing. All Burnaby lawyers in this field will provide this service as standard.

When it comes to leasing property, there are various legal obligations that the property owner must fulfil, many of which are complex and will require the assistance of a knowledgeable commercial leasing lawyer. Leasing properties for commercial use requires the owner to ensure sufficient safety systems are in place, have appropriate insurance plus a whole plethora of other responsibilities. Without the assistance of a commercial leasing lawyer then it would be easy for one of these obligations to be accidentally missed, meaning that the owner could leave themselves open to legal action should a situation arise.

There are various other aspects of property law that a Burnaby lawyer could help their client with, but the two mentioned are by far the most common. If someone has any questions regarding the legal aspects of their property, then it is always best to consult a local legal practitioner to obtain any relevant information, even if it is only to put their mind at rest.