Commercial Arbitration & Litigation Law

Commercial arbitration and litigation law plays a big part in Canadian business and is the lynchpin to ensuring that an organization adheres to laws and doesn’t fall foul of any litigation being brought against them. Arbitration lawyers also assist should a company find themselves in a legal battle with another group, by using their expert knowledge of the field to either end the dispute amicably or to attempt to get the court case to rule in your favor.

Litigation lawyers are famed for their ability to sift through the smallest of details in order to enhance their case. They handle cases as diverse as personal injury claims to defamation suits – essentially any cases that involve lawsuits being filed, either for or against the company they are representing. It is common practice for many litigation lawyers to cover some larger cases. This is because often they are extremely complex and require many hands to complete in a satisfactory manner. Without a litigation lawyer, a business will never be able to deal with any legal problems that are thrown their way. In fact, it is good practice for large businesses to have a litigation lawyer permanently attached to their staff as insurance against such lawsuits. This is also wise as litigation can often take a very long time to pass through courts or be settled, meaning that hiring a lawyer can often be costly.

Arbitration lawyers are used when both parties want to avoid both the hassle and financial implications of going to court. Arbitration happens when both parties attend a private hearing with an experienced legal practitioner, who hears both of the cases and then makes a ruling based on them. An arbitration lawyer has detailed knowledge of this type of procedure and will be able to represent you should the need for this type of mediation arise. They will also be able to advise if arbitration is a good idea and whether it might be better going to court instead.

Commercial arbitration and litigation lawyers are also highly skilled in resolving any disputes before they reach either of these stages through a process of private mediation. This is because they are aware of the different factors involving the case that could be used for or against their client. By approaching the opposition prior to court or arbitration they are often able to settle early and avoid fees and other extra costs for their client. This also means that the client can get peace of mind earlier than expected and not have to take more time away from work to resolve the dispute.

There are many commercial arbitration and litigation lawyers in Burnaby that are able to assist businesses in both these types of legal practice should they not have their own in-house lawyer team. A commercial litigation law firm can be found through a quick search online and will be able to see you at a time convenient to you. So, if you are concerned about impending action being taken against your business, contact one today – it could really put your mind at rest!