Aboriginal Law

Within Canada, there is a population of nearly 700,000 who are descended from First Nations people, and this population has fuelled the need for an increase in Aboriginal lawyers, especially in the British Columbia region. They deal with a multitude of related legal matters, ranging from the relatively low key, all the way through to cases that are of national importance.

There are various different acts that Aboriginal lawyers have to consider when dealing with the claims of either Aboriginal people or those who are bringing a suit against them. Under the Constitution Act of 1867, federal parliament has the power to legislate over all affairs related to Aboriginal people, but this has led to numerous acts and rules being passed – all of which will need to the presence of an expert lawyer to understand.

One of the most contentious issues in Canada today is that of land ownership by native people, with both sides having complaints regarding the regulations and the problems that they perceive are caused by this. A Burnaby lawyer can provide either an effective defence or prosecution if you feel that your rights are being unfairly treated. They can also provide excellent mediation services should both parties decide that they do not wish to attend court over the matter, but still want some kind of resolution.

With many of the areas that are disputed in Canada often having significant amounts of wealth in them – such as oil and mineral deposits – the stakes in these types of cases are often high. When a First Nations citizen believes that they are the owner of a certain area, and that it was taken from them illegally generations ago, it can be very difficult for them to prove this case. Aboriginal lawyers are highly skilled in utilizing all available resources to track down evidence and present it to a court in a way that will ensure the client has the best chance of victory.

Alternatively, a Canadian citizen may believe that they have the rights to land that is currently owned by First Nations citizens, which again needs investigating in a proper and professional manner. Aboriginal lawyers can also represent this type of case – they are not confined to representing those from First Nations.

Lawyers in Burnaby are so experienced in this field because British Columbia has been the setting for the majority of aboriginal land disputes in the country, meaning that aboriginal lawyers have had the opportunity to practice their craft countless amounts of times. With the state having dealt with thousands of First Nations claims over the past 20 years, the business opportunity was there for lawyers to specialize in this field. With this increased competition came a necessary increase in the quality of legal representation available, leading to lawyers in British Columbia becoming the best in the business.

There are many places online to find a suitable and qualified lawyer to deal with cases of aboriginal law. Looking one up could be the best decision you make!